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town hallThe Town of Nackawic is located 65 km West of the City of Fredericton on the North bank of the Saint John River in New Brunswick, Canada. The Town occupies an area of about 9 square km and it is surrounded by the parishes of Southampton and Queensbury with the Village of Millville 10 km to the North.

Although the Town of Nackawic has a population of only 941 people, it has an economic influence over approximately 8,000 people in the surrounding communities. Nackawic is the perfect distance between bigger centers - Fredericton is about a 35 minute drive to the East while the Town of Woodstock is 30minutes to the West. Nackawic has the best of both worlds - access to the facilities of bigger centers with the comfort of country living.

Nackawic has changed dramatically over the years as the result of two major influences, the Mactaquac Dam and the Pulp Mill. In 1966, the Provincial Government decided to build a hydroelectric dam across the Saint John River at Mactaquac. Currently, this dam supplies the majority of the power to Southern New Brunswick residents. When the dam was built, the Saint John River Valley was flooded from Mactaquac to Southampton. Nackawic was developed to allow people displaced by the flood water to have a place to settle.

The second major change was the opening of the Pulp Mill. Due to Nackawic’s superbly suited geographic location, it was selected to be New Brunswick’s first model industrial community. The mill opened in 1970 and it currently employs approximately 300 people, the majority living in the Nackawic area. As a result of the mill opening, numerous spin-off businesses evolved, ranging from forest related or industrial jobs to the service sector. These spin-off ventures created approximately 500 positions.

Nackawic’s population is not like the average small rural community. Due to the highly successful mill, Nackawic has one of Canada’s highest gross family incomes ($65,982.00 according to the 1996 census). With the majority of the Town’s population employed by the mill, many of the residents are highly skilled tradesmen and women. The population consists of approximately 80% English speaking people with the remaining 20% identifying themselves as French, bilingual or other. Further, the vast majority identify themselves as being of western European descent including British, Scottish, Irish, French or German.

There are five places of worship, including  Sts. Simon & St. Jude Catholic Church, Wesleyan Church, Sure Life Assembly, Kirk United Church of Canada and United Baptist Church.

The Town of Nackawic is interested in attracting new business and residents to its successful economy and tourists to its splendid natural beauty.

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