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Recreation Department

Recreation and Parks Coordinator - Randy Wilson
Town Council Representative - Councillor Lamey

Recreation office:
Randy Wilson, Recreation & Parks Coordinator

Nackawic Arena
152 Otis Drive
Nackawic, NB
E6G 1H2

Phone: 575-2240
Fax: 575-8658 or 575-2035


As a courtesy, if you plan to use the gazebo for a summer event, please call ahead to
book, we are hoping to avoid conflicts.

** Movie Night
   Nackawic Arena will be hosting a movie night for people of all ages!  Thursday, July 30
   at 6:30 pm at the Nackawic Arena.

   Included with a $2 admission is:  a movie - "Big Hero 6", a bag of popcorn and a drink! 

   Come on out with your family or friends for a great evening.  Children under 10 will
   need to have a guardian accompany them.

** Nackawic Arena

    Will be hosting themed kid's days throughout the summer.  The first Kid's day is an

    "Art theme on Wednesday, July 8th.  The Second is  "Christmas in July" on July 28th.

    The third is "Pirate Day" on August 5th and "An End of Summer Beach Blast" on August
    12th.  These will take place from 10 am - 12 pm. 

** Nackawic Community Days

Will run August 19th - 23rd.  The Theme this year is "The Good Ole' Days".



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