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health services

Health Services

Council Representative: Councillor Farnsworth

Horizon Health Network
135 Otis Drive
Nackawic Shopping Mall
Nackawic, NB

Nackawic Health Centre
Phone: 506-575-6600
Fax: 506-575-6603

The Nackawic Health Centre provides primary health care services to Nackawic and surrounding area.  The centre has Physician and Nurse Practitioner coverage four (4) days/week - Monday-Thursday.  The centre also has nursing services, clerical support, dietitian services and a Diabetes Educator once/month.  The centre offers diagnostic services, for example - lab, ECG, Holter monitoring, ambulatory blood pressure measurement, as well as education services.  Public Health immunization and healthy toddler assessment services are     provided on site, by appointment through Public Health office Woodstock.

Dr. M. Bramstrup, Family Physician
636 Otis Drive
Nackawic, NB
Phone: 506-575-2460

Dr. L. Hebb, Family Physician
Health Centre
115 Otis Drive
Nackawic, NB
Phone:  506-575-6600

Michelle Daniels, Nurse Practitioner
Health Centre
115 Otis Drive
Nackawic, NB
Phone:  506-575-6600

Upper River Valley Hospital
Waterville, N.B
Phone: 506-375-5900

Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital
Fredericton, N.B.
Phone: 506-452-5400


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