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Municipal By Laws

For information regarding Municipal By-laws, please contact the Town Hall @ 575-2241.


  By-Laws Respecting Administration

A-1 Corporate Seal Download


A-2 Composition of Council Download


A-3 Honoraria & Expenses for the Mayor Download


A-4 Council Procedures Download 
A-4.1 Council Procedures Amendment Download

  A-5 Administration of the Town Download

A-6 Bonding of Officers and Employees Download


A-9 Reserve Funds Download



  By-Laws Respecting Land Use Control/Licensing & Regulations

L-2 Regulating Mobile Home Parks and Sites Download


L-4 Regulate Fencing of Swimming Pools Download


L-5 Public Parks Download


L-6 Regulate Taxicab Owners and Operators Download

  By-Laws Respecting Safety/Health

S-2 Prohibit Smoking in Municipal Buildings Download


S-4 Establish a Curfew Download


S-5 Control of Litter Download


S-6 Disturbance By Noise Download


S-7 Fireworks, Spring Guns and Air Rifles Download


S-8 Dangerous or Unsightly Premises Download


S-10 Collection and Disposal of Garbage and Other Material Download


S-11 Fire Department Download


S-12 Control and Licensing of Dogs Download

  By-Laws Respecting Traffic Control

T-1 Traffic Download

  By-Laws Respecting Works

W-1 Water and Sewerage Systems Download


W-2.4 Water Rates and Sewer Rentals Download

W-2.5 Water Rates and Sewer Rentals Download


W-3 Regulating the Discharge of Water or Wastewater Download

  By-Laws Respecting Municipal Plan/Zoning

13(90) Building Download

  50.1 Subdivisions Download
  51.1 Lot Grading Download
  51-2017 Zoning Download
  71-2016 Municipal Plan Download
                         81-2020 Zoning By-Law Amendment Download