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In the early 1960's the Government of New Brunswick began the construction of a dam at Mactaquac to produce additional electric power for the province. The dam was to raise the water level of the Saint John River between Mactaquac and Woodstock thus flooding many farms and small settlements. For those families forced to move from their homes, a townsite was planned approximately mid-way between Fredericton and Woodstock. The townsite became the Town of Nackawic - New Brunswick's newest town. Nackawic, a naturalist’s paradise, is nestled in the scenic Saint John River Valley where the cool waters of the Nackawic Stream meet the mighty Saint John. Nackawic gets its name from the Maliseet word meaning "straight" or "not in the direction it seems to be", alluding to the illusion created at the intersection of the Nackawic Stream and the Saint John River. Our town sits at this bend where the Saint John River turns sharply southeast and flows lazily through 65 km of Mactaquac country to the capital city of Fredericton.

Sitting on the banks of the Saint John River, the World’s Largest Axe reminds us of the importance of the forest industry to the town and the Province of New Brunswick, as well as our commitment to forest management. Designated as the Forestry Capital of Canada in 1991, our town is surrounded with beautiful green space and wildlife. Whether it’s the breathtaking scenery, the many recreational activities, or our friendly people, Nackawic offers something for everyone.

For more information regarding the history of Nackawic, a book entitled "The Nackawic Bend - 200 Years of History", may be purchased at the Nackawic Town Hall. Cost is $12.50 plus GST.

Nackawic's Mission Statement

By committing ourselves to necessary change and improved quality, we are dedicated to providing cost effective and reliable municipal services for the long term benefit of the residents of the Town of Nackawic and, where mutually agreed upon, fiscally responsible and practical to the communities surrounding the Town.


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