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fire department

Nackawic Volunteer Fire Department

Fire Chief - William Hopkins
Town Council Representative - Mayor Ian Kitchen

Nackawic Fire Department
115 Otis Drive
Nackawic, NB
E6G 2P1

Phone - 575-2244
Fax - 575-2035
Email -

Volunteer Membership Application - Download

Medical Consent Form - Download

The resident is responsible to contact the Department of Natural Resources at 1-866-458-8080 or visit to make sure there are no fire bans in the area.

Are available at the Town Hall.  Section 14.01 of By-Law S-11, A by-Law Respecting the Fire Department, states, "Any person who proposes to ignite a fire within the Town limits shall make a written application to the Fire Chief for a permit."  A new permit is required each time you burn.
Are to be inspected by the Fire Department prior to being issued a 2015 summer fire permit.  Please drop by or call the Town Hall to complete a fire permit application form.  Fines for not having a valid permit range from $50 to $200. 

Requirements for "Outdoor Fireplaces, Chimneys, Fire Pits, etc." within Town Limits

                                    CHASE THE ACE - Fire Department Fundraiser
WEEKLY DRAW:  Thursdays from 5:30 - 7:00 pm.
HAPPY HOUR:  4:30 - 7:00 pm.
JACKPOT FOR ACE:  Depending on ticket sales
-Weekly prize
-Progressive each week depending on ticket sales
-Tickets sold at Water Front Pub each Thursday between 5:30 - 7:00 pm
-Cost is $5 per ticket
-Draw at 7:15 (ticket holder must be present) if winning ticket holder does not come forward in 15 minutes another ticket will be drawn.
-Fundraiser to purchase fire fighting equipment lost in fire
Sponsored by Nackawic Fire Department & Water Front Pub, 135 Otis Drive, Nackawic
Phone:  506-575-5140
Fax:  506-575-2816


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